Jose Maria Romero, TCOLF Trustee

Jose-Maria Romero is responsible for the negotiation of worldwide deals with other pharmaceutical and biotech companies to access new products which complement and increase the value of GSK’s pharmaceutical portfolio. He manages a UK/US team who are responsible for leading the interactions with the external companies, including the negotiation of deal terms and contract writing, as well as for the internal assessment of the opportunities and presentation to GSK’s Senior Officers for endorsement of the agreements.

He has played a key role in making the licensing function at GSK one of the most successful and innovative in the industry: since the merger of GW and SB back in 2001, the Worldwide Business Development team has been responsible for over 35 late-stage deals and over 50 early-discovery deals, across a range of therapeutic areas and for compounds from pre-clinical to Phase III development and regulatory filing.

He has over 25 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry, thirteen of which have been in the GSK Business Development area. Prior to GSK, he worked for Merck & Co. as Director Scientific Resources in its Basic Research Centre. Along those years he has gained a sounded knowledge of the market trends and opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry in the different Regions, as well as a good understanding of the therapeutic drug development, and the complexities of negotiating and implementing successful collaborations.

He earned a BSc in Organic Chemistry at Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, and an Executive MBA at IESE.