Campus overview

Open access and available facilities

The Tres Cantos site in Spain is home to GSK DDW specialist research facility, which is focused on discovering and developing new medicines for Diseases of the Developing World.

More than 100 scientific staff work at the campus in a range of areas including medicinal chemistry, parasitology, mycobacteriology, pharmacology and toxicology.

The combination of these facilities and expertise enables this Tres Cantos centre to take care of all scientific needs of drug discovery and development from screening campaigns to clinical Proof of Concept studies (Phase IIb).

This site is also home to the Open Lab, which is integrated within the facility’s Discovery Performance Units focused on Malaria, TB, Kinetoplastids and Shigella.

Visiting scientists to the Open Lab often cite access to world-class facilities and the opportunity to work with scientists who work in the drug discovery field as the key benefits of the Open Lab's unique approach.

The Open Lab gives visiting scientists access to GSK drug discovery, pre-clinical expertise, capabilities and the benefits of working as part of a project team.

This bold and flexible approach has positioned the Open Lab as a dynamic research hub for diseases of the developing world, helping to stimulate innovative research that could ultimately result in the discovery and development of new medicines.

The Open Lab provides access to:

  • The Discovery Performance Units (DPUs) equipped with all the human and technical resources needed to effectively address the challenges of each disease.These units are composed of laboratories specialized in:

         ⇛ Medicinal Chemistry (organic synthesis without access to natural product facilities)

         ⇛NMR spectroscopy and LC/MS spectrometry

         ⇛Pharmacology (in vitro DMPK and preliminary toxicology)

         ⇛Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

         ⇛Cell Biology

  • Biosafety Level 3 in vitro and in vivo laboratories which are used as research facilities where work is conducted with pathogens that may cause serious or potentially lethal diseases after inhalation, including TB. The laboratories have special engineering and design features to ensure full insulation. Laboratory personnel have specific training in handling these pathogenic agents. "
  • The Compound Library, composed of diverse and focused sets, which currently stands at more than two million compounds,

The combination of these facilities and expertise enables GSK DDW to take care of all scientific phases of drug discovery and development from screening campaigns to clinical Proof of Concept studies. (Phase IIb)