Felix Calderon

Felix Caldero | He started his career in industry in 2007 as a medicinal chemist working in the Diseases of the Developing World unit at GSK. Since then, he has held different leadership roles in anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory areas within the organization. He has a broad experience working with external partners and a track record of implementing and delivering new collaborations across diseases. Prior to GSK, his background includes a B.Sc. from the Autonoma University of Madrid and training in bioorganic chemistry at the University of Turin (Italy), the Spanish National Council for Scientific Research (CSIC, Ph.D. awarded in 2006), and computational chemistry at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). He is editor of the American Chemical Society's Infectious Diseases journal and board member of the Fine Chemical Group of the London based Society for Chemistry and Industry (SCI). In 2018 he was appointed Head of the Tres Cantos Open Lab.