Jose Miguel Coterón

Jose Miguel Coterón| Open Lab Secretariat

Cote is the GSK-Tres Cantos representative for all matters related to official documentation concerning TCOLF Governing Board and Trustee meetings, Governing Board and Trustee membership, and project reports including four-monthly, final and impact reports.

Cote obtained a PhD in Organic Chemistry at UCM. After three years as post-doctoral fellow in Europe, and three more years as post-doctoral fellow at GW Tres Cantos, he joined GW as Investigator participating in projects from diverse areas like antifungals, antimalarials or kinetoplastid diseases. His expertise includes Molecular Recognition, Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Synthesis and Carbohydrate Chemistry. Over the last few years, he has acquired expertise in Compliance and Risk Management within DDW, currently chairing the "Quality Team" at GSK-Tres Cantos