Tres Cantos Open Lab team

Felix Calderon

Felix Calderon | started his career in industry in 2007 as a medicinal chemist working in the Diseases of the Developing World unit at GSK ...more

Lola Jiménez-Alfaro

Lola Jiménez-Alfaro| Open Lab Manager, Lola holds the position of Open Lab Operations Manager, supporting the implementation and monitoring of Open Lab projects, meeting compliance regula...more

Jose Miguel Coterón

Jose Miguel Coterón| Open Lab Secretariat, Cote is the GSK-Tres Cantos representative for all matters related to official documentation concerning TCOLF Governing Board and Trustee meetings, Governing Board ...more

Luis A. Maldonado

Luis A. Maldonado / Operations, Luis joined to GSK in 2001 and works for the Foundation from 2011 giving in Operations and Logistics issues....more

Beatriz Cosme

Beatriz Cosme | Project Management Specialist, Beatriz Cosme is Project Management Assistant in the Open Lab Team. She coordinates and provides guidance on immigration, work permits, Health and Safety, H...more