Meet our mentors

Albane Kessler

Tres Cantos Open Lab Mentor It’s all about sharing – sharing knowledge and sharing tools. We can help fill some gaps in the research conducted by the Open Lab scientists. The visiting scie...more

Felix Calderon

Tres Cantos Open Lab Mentor At the Open Lab, we are very aligned and focused on the success of the projects. I think this will have a real impact on the development and success of the projects and ult...more

Imanol Peña

Tres Cantos Open Lab Mentor To work in a non-for-profit area facilitates the collaboration between industry and academic research and this opens a great opportunity to accelerate the discovery of new ...more

Raquel Fernández

Tres Cantos Open Lab MentorWorking as a mentor in the Open Lab is a great opportunity to interact with different research groups and people from around the world, sharing our expertise in the area and...more

Robert Bates

Tres Cantos Open Lab Mentor Teaching is a great way to learn oneself but the opportunity to work with someone else who is not in my core area of experience allows me to broaden my horizons. Being a me...more

Rubén González

Tres Cantos Open Lab Mentor From my perspective, the Open lab has been a process of mutual learning. Scientists from the Tuberculosis field have come and shared ideas and new ways of doing things. We ...more