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Collaborating with the Foundation

The Tres Cantos Open Lab Foundation values the role that collaborators play in bringing about the fundamental research needed to speed up the development of new treatments for diseases of the developing world. When forming research alliances, the Foundation looks for those which share its principles.

There are currently too few options available to fight these diseases, either because medicines do not exist, are too expensive or because the infectious organisms are becoming increasingly resistant to treatments. The old ways have not worked and the problems need a bold new approach.

The Foundation encourages scientists from universities, not-for-profit partnerships and other research institutes to apply to work at the Tres Cantos campus for a dedicated period of time where they gain access to GlaxoSmithKine drug discovery expertise and work as part of an integrated team to progress new ideas for possible medicine development.

The Tres Cantos Open Lab Foundation welcomes contact from anyone interested in joint efforts to tackle the diseases of the developing world. To find out how you could help shape the future of drug discovery, please