New Year, new projects

The Tres Cantos Open Lab Foundation announces the start of two new research projects.

Anke Harupa will focus her research on the discovery of new drugs against malaria, by identifying selective inhibitors of the Plasmodium falciparum N-Myristoyl Transferase (NMT) enzyme. The project is supported by the Seattle Biomedical Research Institute, and is cofunded by TCOLF and the European Union´s FP7 program through its COFUND scheme.

Hugo Fraga and Annie Park will look for compounds able to rapidly kill growing and non-growing Mycobacterium tuberculosis by inhibiting the ClpC1P1P2 protein complex. The project, led by Dr. Goldberg at Harvard Medical School, has started in Harvard and will continue at the GSK´s Tres Cantos Medicines Development Campus in the coming months.

A more detailed project description can be found in the “research projects” section.