La Sapienza, University Of Rome, receives support

The Tres Cantos Open Lab Foundation announced today the funding of a one-year project with La Sapienza, University of Rome, which aims to progress new antitubercular agents.

The group from La Sapienza will optimize this class of pyrrole derivatives, which have been shown to have a good potency against M. tuberculosis, especially against latent bacteria and resistant strains. The work will be focused on chemical optimization of these derivatives based on in vitro pharmacological results.

The funds provided by the Tres Cantos Open Lab Foundation will support a visiting researcher to come to GSK’s R&D centre in Tres Cantos (Spain) to pursue their project as part of an integrated drug discovery team. For this purpose, GSK’s resources and facilities will be necessary.

This project will make a difference since these new compounds are active against multi-drug resistant clinical isolates inside macrophages. The pharmacological optimization at the Open Lab will allow us to get new antitubercular leads.” said Dr. Mariangela Biava, associate professor of medicinal chemistry at La Sapienza.

This is another example of the support of innovative projects by the Tres Cantos Open Lab Foundation. We desperately need new agents addressing the main goal in TB: drug resistance and reduction of the treatment duration” said Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Trustee and Chair of the Governing Board, Tres Cantos Open Lab Foundation (currently Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, previously Chief Executive of the Medical Research Council).

About the Tres Cantos Open Lab Foundation

The Tres Cantos Open Lab Foundation is focused on providing funding and support for scientists, academics and institutions to develop and advance new ideas that could lead to new medicines to treat diseases of the developing world. Researchers are invited to submit projects for collaboration and funding, to be reviewed by the Foundation’s Governing Board and Trustees.

About La Sapienza, University of Rome

Sapienza University of Rome – is the leading higher education school in Italy and also the largest University in Europe. It is also a member of several European networks. Sapienza carries out scientific research achieving high standards at national and international levels. Sixty six departments and several Research Centres are dedicated to scientific research. In addition, Sapienza houses laboratories belonging to the main national scientific research centres.

The proposed project is being pursued in collaboration with the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology.