California Institute for Biomedical Research

Start : November 2015 | Status : Complete

The sponsor: Calibr

Foundation funding: The Foundation is providing £35,100 in support.

GSK’s contribution: GSK is providing expertise and know-how in high throughput screening and later compound profilling, as well as access to key facilities to set-up and perform this work. GSK is also providing information about the parasitological and toxicological profile of the promising molecules identified.

Project Description: Leishmaniasis and Chagas disease affect millions of people worldwide and impart a heavy burden on global health. Due to the limitations of the existing treatments, an urgent need exists to develop novel therapies to prevent and treat these diseases.
Phenotypic screening has proven to be an attractive screening approach to identify lead molecules against Leishmania and Chagas. Additionally, high-content imaging has allowed the development of novel assays to assess the therapeutic value of lead molecules against intracellular parasites in a format that better recapitulates the environment that parasites will encounter during the course of infection. Phenotypic screens employing intracellular amastigotes provides a privileged platform for screening novel libraries targeting either the parasite or the host cell. As part of the current project we intend to screen Calibr compound collection to identify novel hit-to-lead series for each parasite.