University of Rome

Start : September 2012 | Status : Complete

The scientist: Martina Cocozza, a pre-doctoral student working in a team led by Dr. Mariangela Biava (Sapienza University of Rome, Associate Professor at the Medicinal and Technological Chemistry department), is responsible for performing this project.

The sponsor: Sapienza University of Rome is the leading higher education school in Italy and also the largest University in Europe. It is also a member of several European networks. Sapienza carries out scientific research achieving high standards at national and international levels.

Foundation funding: The Foundation is providing £44,333 in support.

GlaxoSmithKline’s contribution: GSK is providing in-kind contributions (including facilities and expertise from supporting scientists in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology units).

Project Description: Tuberculosis represents a never-ending challenge toward which research efforts are needed. There are some good reasons to intensify research: the last drugs were marketed over forty years ago and the current treatment time is too long and based on a combination of several old drugs. A recent challenge has been the appearance of multi drug resistance. For this purpose the researchers at Sapienza have identified some pyrrole molecules that showed interesting antimycobacterial properties in preliminary studies. The aim of the work being carried out at the Open Lab is to study ADME properties of these compounds and reach a new lead with better pharmacological properties than those of the antibiotics in use.

The Tres Cantos Open Lab Foundation is providing me with a great opportunity to advance my research which is likely to help me obtain results much quicker than I could ever have achieved at my research institute”. (Martina Cocozza, Open Lab scientist)